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Academic Solution

Now store all your academic records like attendance, logbook, grades etc., according to your convenience. It also provides easy online access with the flexibility to amend from your work-desk, home or while on the move using laptop. It also helps in recording your video lecture at home through our Visclassroom and publish in Digital Library for your class or student.

Create your own course content in Digital Library and use in classroom as per his/her requirement. It helps in running online and sending class material or online course posted to absentee students, accessing school information like notices, circulars, time-table, activities, calendar and course planner. Saves time from non-teaching activities like report making and record keeping. Helps in utilizing the most productive hours of yours in the teaching. It also provides an option for online tutoring system for school student or provide tutions to outside student and earn money.

Helps in making the class online, through our Visclassroom provides:

  • Online Examination provision for Students to reduce complicated manual tests, Helps in creating question papers from the online question bank.
  • Provides a central store for all the teaching and learning planned by the school online. Reduces long term planning.
  • Facilitates the sending of important information or notices via., E-mail & Internal messaging system .
  • Provides the complete attendance automation.

Helps in:

  • The publishing of articles from home or school.
  • Sending student feed back and interact with parents efficiently and effectively.
  • Fascilitates teacher-parents meeting - Class teacher can create an analytical report about academic and personal behavior of students and send it to the parents and make them aware about meeting agenda in advance so that they can talk with more focus to the teacher’s about their ward’s performance.
  • Managing class information thus allowing teachers to lay greater focus on teaching and lesser on time consuming administrative functions viz. Student records, class schedules, reports, attendance etc.

Lone Campus provides to teachers:

  • Library
  • Accounts
  • HR Management
  • Digital Library for Authoring
  • Student History
  • Comments
  • Communication with Parents
  • Marks Entry
  • Assignment
  • Student Attendance
  • SMS & Email Communication with Parents, Principal
  • Time Table with Class & Subject
  • Birth Day
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Chat
  • Friend List
  • Comments & Reviews
  • Events & Notification
  • News
  • Jobs & Recruitment
  • Personal Messaging
  • Upload - Video, Photo
  • Change Password
  • Edit Profile
  • Poll
  • Rating
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