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School Lone Campus

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Strong administration and knowledge management are integral parts of managing schools. School's Management and teachers workload is constantly increasing as a result of greater expectations from the students, parents and school governing authorities like CBSE, ICSE etc. Dealing with parents of thousand students and many teachers, schools are facing a real challenge to ensure and deliver quality educational services to all stakeholders.

Now internet has become an increasingly important platform and school students have started using internet as an essential study aid outside the classroom. As today’s school going children are growing up with computers, usage of internet is integrated into their daily communication habits & requirements and has become a technology as ordinary as the mobile phone or television. Students are also looking at different ways to improve their learning with understanding. Parents are emphasizing on quality education in return to their investment in children’s future.

School Lone Campus is an online & offline school campus management solution. School management, teacher, parents and students can access specially designed dash board from anywhere at any time. With School Lone Campus, Principal, Senior management, Teachers, Admin Staff, Students and Parents can access real-time relevant school information related to processes such as pre-admission, parents relationship management, new admissions, SMS, GPS, time tabling, biometric attendance, HR, fee details, accounts, inventory, messages, notices, library information, student health records, student information, performance, grades, homework assignments, school event management, salary and expenses, examinations, hostels, analytical demographic reports and transport management. School Lone Campus empowers the management, teachers, students, and parents to easily communicate, share information, and manage their tasks effectively.


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